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3D-IC Inspection
Designed for the high production volume environment, the Eagle-AP product series is the ideal choice for inspection and metrology addressing the most demanding semiconductor market applications and the emerging 3D-IC market.
Automated Optical Inspection System
System Highlights:

    Ultra High Speed 3D Scan
    Wide Field of View Camera Module for Surface Inspection and CD Metrology
    Dual Arm Robot
    Fifth Generation Unique White Light Triangulation Technology
    Sub-Resolution Detection
    State-of-the-Art Low Contrast Algorithms
    Programmable Color Filter Combined with Dark and Bright Field Illumination
    Multiple Magnifications for the Best TPT Vs. Detection Balance
Front End Metrology/Inspection Back End Test & Measurement
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Condor 902 Offers:

    Next Generation Bumps 2um
    Ultra High Number of Bumps per Wafer
     (30 Million)
    Bump CD and Surface Detection
    RDL CD and Height Measurement
    TSV Post-VIA-Fill Protrusions (nails)
Zeta Instruments
3D Optical Profiler
Amicra NovaPlus
Fully-Auto Die Bonder
Vision Sorting Handler