Advanced Packaging 2D/3D Inspection
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Advanced Packaging 2D/3D Optical Inspection System
System Highlights:

    Front-end Machine (ISO Class 2)
    Inspect at 2µ and up for production
    Advanced Image Processing for High Sensitivity
    Redistribution Defect Inspection and Profiling
    Tool Matching from one Camtek product to another.

The Camtek Eagle employs our patented image acquisition techniques to reliably detect defects for all wafer sizes up to 300mm. The Eagle is fully automated, integrated with 2D and 3D technology and uses state of the art inspection technologies to weed out surface level defects at a sub-micron level. Our patented CTS™ (Camtek Triangulation Sensor) and optional CCS™ (Chromatic Confocal Sensor) provide accurate height measurements at the sub-micron level.

    Advanced Packaging
    Bump & µBump
    2D / 3D
    TSV Reveal
OAI - Semi-Auto
Mask Aligner
Photoresist Coater
Wafer Bonder
Zeta 380i - HBLED
Wafer Metrology