Backside Probing
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System Highlights:

    Wafer Loader and Mapping
    Dark Box (Optional)
    Fast Exchange Time for Wafer Handling
    Flexibility for Product Change
    Precise Wafer Alignment
    Easy-to-Use Operation & Probe Card Manipulator
    Different Inking Conditions
    Self-Tuning Stable Inspection Rule
    Products with Filing Management
    Network Linking for Map File
    Fully Remote Interface Provided (TTL, RS232C, GPIB, Address Lines)
System Highlights:

    Various Wafer Types
    Multi-Die Probing Capability
    Self-Tuning Stable Probing Mark
    Flexible Alignment Methods
    Different Inking Conditions
    Products with Filing Management
    Easy-to-Use Operation
    Full Message Control
    Precise Driving System for Probing
    Fully Remote Interface Provided
     (TTL, RS232C, GPIB, Address Lines)
Model P7602
Fully-Automatic 4-6" Wafer Probing System
Zeta 380i - HBLED
Wafer Metrology
MPI - M7600
Map Sorting System
ESI - AccuScribe
LED Laser Scribing System
Model 3GP-W
Semi-Automatic Wafer Probing System
MPI is the world leader in both semiconductor wafer-level probing technology and LED testing related equipment vendor. The company focuses in micro-probe technology for over a decade. MPI aims to develop reliable, state-of-art probing technology in order to enhance the competitiveness of his clients.
Camtek Condor 203
Defect Inspection
Front End Metrology/Inspection Back End Test & Measurement
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