Bond Testing
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Condor Sigma Series Bond Tester:
Unparalleled 0.075% Accuracy, the Best Ergonomics, Highest Throughput, Maximum Flexibility and the Lowest Cost of Ownership.
Testing Types:

    Ball shear / Solder ball shear
    Cavity shear
    Cold bump pull
    Die shear
    High speed impact
    Lead integrity
    Lid torque
    Overhanging die
    Passivation layer gold ball shear
    Ribbon peel
    Stud pull
    Total ball shear / zone shear
    Tweezer pull
    Vector pull
    Wedge and Ribbon shear
    Wire and Ribbon pull
Industry Solution:

    Hybrid & Substrate
    Medical Devices
    PCB Assembly
    Power Devices
    Research & Development
XYZTEC is the technology leader in bond testing worldwide. The equipment is used in semiconductor, automotive and material development industries. Customer satisfaction, high quality, innovation and superior support are the company's priorities. The subject of bond testing is far ranging and varied but the value that it contributes to ensuring product quality cannot be overlooked. Precise force displacement measurement using a modern bond tester allows bond strength modeling that can successfully predict the various failure modes and can be used as an accurate prediction model of real life loading conditions.
Wire Bonder
Tresky T-3002FC3
Manual High Accuracy Die Bonder
Amicra NovaPlus Fully-Automated Die Bonder
3um Accuracy
Feature Highlights:

    Compatible with existing tools and work holders
    Revolving Measurement Unit: Less than 1gf
   Up to 200 kgf shear
   Up to 100 kgf pull and push
    Fully automatic and manual testing
   1 to 6 sensor configuration
   24 bit sensor resolution
    Built in Image Capture and Automation Camera
   Optical resolutions down to 1.5 m
    X, Y & Z axes quick 50 mm/s movements
    Latest Windows versions, 32 and 64 bit
Ball Shear Test Cold Bump Pull Test Wire Pull Test
Die Shear Test Zone Shear Test Ribbon Pull Test
Lead Integrity Test
...and many more test options
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