Compound Semiconductor (GaAs, InGaAs, GaN, SiC, InP, AlN, etc.) equipment solutions for universities, R&D labs, small/medium and large size companies,.  CWI can provide solutions for the all of the steps of your process:

Front End processing including Photoresist Deposition, Mask Aligners, Rapid Thermal Processing, Wet Process Stations and Wafer Bonding.

Metrology and Inspection solutions including bare substrate inspection, with correlation to tools being utilized by the substrate suppliers, EPI inspection (pits, scratches, carrots, etc.); inspection through all of the steps of your process.  Probe Mark Inspection, Bump Inspection, CD, Overlay, and Post-Dice Inspection, all with the same system.  An Advanced 3D Optical Profiling solution with precise step height and roughness measurements.

Back End solutions for the most advanced applications. High Accuracy, High Speed Die Bonding to basic flip chip bonding; Wire bonding with tightly controlled loop and length parameters, as well as, basic systems for ball and wedge bonding with advanced capabilities only the automated systems have. Then, test the bonds using the most advanced bond tester on the market.  

Wafer and Package Level Functional, Parametric and Reliability Test and Measurement solutions.  Test devices electrically at DC or RF frequencies or environmentally at extreme temperatures.

Failure Analysis solutions for SEM or TEM preparation.  Acoustic Microscopy solutions for nondestructive failure analysis, process development, R&D, High-Rel qualification, or low/medium-volume screening.  Decapsulation systems with precise software control over the entire process and Laser Cutting systems for a variety of materials.

Automation solutions for Wafer Sorting.

CWI provides the highest quality solutions at every step of the semiconductor device fabrication process...
Front End Metrology/Inspection Back End Test & Measurement
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