Critical Dimension (CD) Measurement
DUV-Vis-IR (Wavelength Range: 190nm - 15,000nm) Scatterometers/OCD Metrology Systems:

The n&k Olympian, n&k Olympian-450 and n&k Olympian-M are DUV-Vis-IR scatterometers/OCD metrology systems with micro-spot technology, covering the wavelength range from 190nm - 15,000nm. With the inclusion of the infra-red wavelength range, the Olympian Series extends the capabilities of n&ks DUV-Vis-NIR scatterometer series - the OptiPrime-CD Series. The systems in the Olympian-Series are capable of determining thickness, n and k spectra from 190nm - 15,000nm of thin and thick films, as well as depths, CDs, and profiles of trenches and contact holes.

Due to their ability to measure a large range of OCD and thin film structures that cover current and future applications, the tools belonging to the Olympian Series are used extensively for the most challenging applications of todays semiconductor industry.

The extended wavelength range from 1000 nm - 15,000 nm is needed for applications involving:
Wafer Bonder
Original Papers on Core Technology
Optical Properties of Crystalline Semiconductors and Dielectrics
Source: Physical Review B, Vol. 38, Np. 3, 1865 (1988)
Authors: A.R. Forouhi, I. Bloomer
Abstract: Second paper which introduces the Forouhi-Bloomer Dispersion Equations. Shows that there is excellent agreement with the FB Model and the characterization for crystalline Si, Ge,GaP, GaAs, GaSb, InP, InAs, InSb, SiC, cubic C, and a-SiO2, over a wide range of energies

Optical Dispersion Relations for Amorphous Semiconductors and Amorphous Dielectrics
Source: Physical Review B, Vol. 34, No. 10, 7018 (1986)
Authors: A.R. Forouhi, I. Bloomer
Abstract: Original paper which introduces the Forouhi-Bloomer Dispersion Equations and the excellent agreement with experimentally measured results of n and k for amorphous silicon, hydrogenated amorphous silicon, amorphous silicon nitride and titanium dioxide.

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up to 450mm. up to 200mm. Manual Load.
Small (<100nm) pitch and large (>3m) pitch trenches and contact holes structures
Complex 2-D (trenches) and 3-D (contact holes) structures
- Profile
- Sidewall Oxide Thickness
- Underlayer Thicknesses
Etch Monitor for Power Devices at All Process Steps
- Si Trench
- Poly Recess
- Contact Trench
FinFET Structures
- Gate Height
- Gate CD
- Fin Height
- Fin Top CD
- Fin Bottom CD
- Oxide Thickness
- Dielectric Top Thickness
- Dielectric Bottom Thickness
- Dielectric Side Wall Thickness
Si Trench with Oxide Cutback
Detection of trench and contact hole issues:
- Collapsed trenches
- Under-etch
- Over-etch
High aspect ratio structures, such as contact holes in silicon, or line/space trenches with narrow CD
Very complex line/space deep trench and contact hole structures, including depths of 60m or greater
Conventional structures, if initial measurements using DUV-Vis-NIR wavelength range does not reveal sufficient information to determine depth, CD and profile
Complex ultra-thick film structures (i.e. very thick SOI structures)
Epi-Si thickness (silicon is transparent in the IR regime, but opaque in the DUV-Vis-NIR regime)
Ultra-Thick Photoresist: Pre and Post Etch
Zeta Instruments 3D Optical Profiler