Front End Solutions
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Sputter.      ALD. Anneal.   Bond.
CWI represents companies with leading front end solutions for small to large companies. Whether you are searching for a advanced systems for Grinding, Spin Coating, Mask Aligning, Sputter Deposition, Wet Process, Wafer Annealing, Bonding systems and CMP. The leading companies we represent have the solutions.
OAI Mask Aligners:
Frontside and Backside
S-Cubed Prime, Chill, Coat, Bake:
Photoresist Processing Systems
Atomic Layer Deposition
Allwin21 Corp.:
Sputter Deposition System
Allwin21 Corp.:
Rapid Thermal Process
Front End Metrology/Inspection Back End Test & Measurement
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Wafer Process Systems:
Wet Benches and Plating Systems
Wafer Process Systems:
IPA Aerosol Dryers
(Liquid Diffusion Technology)
OAI/AML Wafer Bonder:
In-situ Alignment Bonding