High Power Device Test
CWI represents companies with leading High Power Device Testing solutions for small to large companies. Whether you are searching for a advanced systems for Production, Measurement & Reliabilty, as well as, Probe Cards and Probe Systems. The leading companies we represent have the solutions.
Prober. Probe Card. Production. Measure. Reliability.
MPI - Probe Station
High Power Probe System

150mm & 200mm On-Wafer  Rated for Up to 3kV (triax)
Rated for Up to 10kV (coax)
MPI HV Probe Card
High Power Semiconductor Probe Card

Up to 10KV & 600 Amps
Lemsys - Wafer Testing
Testing Static Characteristics of IGBTs and MOSFETs

Up to 300A and up to 3000V
    Maury Microwave
Mixed Signal Active Load 
Pull System (1 - 40 GHz)
Accel-RF - Reliability
Accelerated Life/Burn-In Test
RF and DC Performance

DC Power Designs (60W to 400W)
Tresky - T-6000:
Automated Die / Flip Chip Bonder
Sonoscan - C-SAMŽ:
Acoustic Microscopy
Johnstech - ROLTM 200:
Test Contactors (QFN, DFN...)
Tempronic - ThermoStreamŽ:
Thermal Inducing Vacuum Platform
inTest Sigma Systems:
Thermal Platforms (Hot/Cold Plates)
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Front End Metrology/Inspection Back End Test & Measurement
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