LED Inspection
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Condor 5LED:
Automated Optical Inspection System
The fast growing cost-driven LED (Light Emitting Diode) manufacturing industry requires the most reliable inspection tools. Designed to manage the most critical issues of LED applications inspection, Condor 5LED includes advanced software alignment functionality. This capability enables high precision die alignment - thus ensuring high throughput, reliable detection and low false rate. Using dedicated engines, the system solves the challenging issues of LED inspection caused due to the very small die size, and consequently extremely high amount of die per wafer, while maintaining high throughput.
Systems Highlights:

    Managing Large amount of Die at High Throughput: Condor 5LED detects defects of
     interest (DOI) at high throughput allowing 100%, cost-effective inspection
    One-Step Real-Time Alignment: Condor 5LED locates the true position of every die and
     matches every die to a wafer map while conducting the inspection
    Automatic Wafer Map of the Defective Dies - Generated Online, for Real-Time Detection of
     Non-Functional Die
    Oversized/Undersized Die Detection Significantly Eliminates Production Errors
    Die Periphery Integrity and Dicing Process Control
    Managing Non-Standard (Odd Shape) Pads, including Defect Detection, Probe Mark
     Inspection and Metrology Capabilities
    Real Time Multi-Task Defect Reporting
    State-of-the-Art Algorithms Enable Advanced Illumination and Reflection Management Allowing High Capture Rate of Fine
     Defects in Critical Areas such as Mesa Lines.
    Advanced Verification Mode Enabling Post Scanning Die Level Review
    Dedicated Chuck Designed to Handle Translucent Wafers Reflection
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