Laser Scribing/Cutting
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ESI’s interconnect and microfabrication products provide the speed and accuracy to enable
precision fine-tuning of nano-scale device features on a variety of materials and substrates in
high-volume manufacturing environments. The company’s market-leading UV laser drills utilize
the breadth of the company’s core competencies, from systems engineering to materials
processing, to enable the highest precision in the industry.
Model 5335:
UV Laser Drilling System
The 5335 UV Laser Drilling System is the premier choice for
high-quality microvias in flexible circuits and rigid-flexible
printed circuit boards.

·    Repetition frequency of up to 90 kHz
·    High quality vias as small as 25 microns
·    Fifth-generation beam positioner, providing 14,000-points per-second capability
·    High power 11 watt diode-pumped UV laser for high productivity
·    High speed drill rates of up to 32,000 vias per minute are typical for copper-clad dielectrics
·    High accuracy for improved wiring density
·    Open-architecture, roll-to-roll interface matches to any PLC based handler
Model 5950:
Laser Micro Machining System
The 5950 Laser Singulation System is an affordable laser singulation platform that employs a UV DPSS laser
with high repetition rates. The platform utilizes ESI’s patented digital control technology with high-speed
galvanometers to achieve highest quality beam positioning performance along with unsurpassed synchronicity
between motion and lasing.

·    High-speed digital galvo- control for 2,500 points-per-second capability
·    UV Diode Pumped Solid State laser for productivity at an affordable cost
·    Motorized z-stage allows for precise beam focus in the Z plane, coupled with an integrated vision
      system to provide accurate part alignment as well as in situ system calibration capability
·    Ideally suited for processing a wide variety of single and multilayer PCB materials
Tresky T-3002FC3
Manual High Accuracy Die Bonder
Amicra NovaPlus Fully-Automated Die Bonder
3µm Accuracy
MPI Fully-Automated Mapping Sorter
MPI Fully-Automated Chip Probe Station
Model 5390:
CO2 Laser Micro Machining System
The ESI 5390 features a new high power CO2 laser with variable pulse width and high pulse repetition frequency of
up to 300 kHz representing the first of its kind in the worldwide microvia drilling market. The Model 5390 can
produce more than 32,000 vias per minute in single layer dielectric materials. The variable pulse width of the laser
provides excellent via quality and sidewall taper in many different engineered materials.

·    Fourth-generation Compound Beam Positioner, which delivers no stepping time and no abutment errors
     typically encountered during the drilling process
·    Variable Repetition Rates from 1 - 300 kHz
·    Variable Pulse Widths from 1.0 - 100.0 µSec
·    Via Diameters down to 60µm with unparalleled via placement accuracy for maximum package efficiency
AccuScribe TM2210:
LED Laser Scribing System
The AccuScribeTM 2210 is a production-proven, high-throughput laser scribing solution, revolutionizing high-
volume LED manufacturing. Up to 18 wafers per hour can be achieved for superior productivity and significant
reduction in cost of ownership with high system reliability. Process extendibility enables customers to leverage
the system for multiple product classes. With its patented technology in sapphire scribing, the AccuScribe 2210
delivers higher LED light output extraction efficiency over conventional laser scribing systems.
At greater wafer throughputs, the AccuScribe 2210 continues to drive down the cost of ownership for LED
manufacturers by delivering:

·    Automated loading and scanning of wafers for high throughput
·    Highly precise stage and laser controls to minimize scribe line widths
·    Effective debris contamination control ensures higher system availability for high volume manufacturing
·    Robust image enhancement for accurate scribe alignment
·    Wafer contour mapping accommodates variation wafer thickness uniformity
·    Operating flexibility to allow fully automated operation as well as manual operation for process
     development, monitoring or “hot-lot” operation
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