MEMS Inspection
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Condor 203:
Automated Optical Inspection System
The Condor 203 is a versatile, fully automated, optical inspection platform for special applications such as LED, MEMS, optical and medical devices, designed to inspect framed or unframed wafers and various thickness. The Condor 203 delivers the superior detection ability for applications that require a high level of customization in material handling and/or inspection protocols, these include the inspection of: Thin wafer MEMS Bonded WLP Back side Perforated Transparent / translucent substrates Dual handling - frame-mounted / unframed wafers.
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System Highlights:

·    Capable of Inspecting Micro Elecro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
·    Supports the High Versatility of Device Geometries and Materials, High Aspect Ratio,
     Complex Stacked Layers and Etching Processes
·    Handling Capability of Wafers and Masks at Various Size, Shape and Thickness.
·    Innovative Image Acquisition Technology to Achieve High Detection Sensitivity.
·    Independent Bright Field and Dark Field Channels working Simultaneously
     ·    Achieve Reliable Detection of Surface and Morphology Defects.
·    Optional, Patented Height Sensors (CTS™ and CCS™)
·    Automatic Defect Binning and Classification.
·    Offline Simulator for High Productivity
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