Camtek's Defect Inspection for FEOL, BEOL, 3DIC, Bump, Micro Bump, TSV, OQC, Lithography, CMP, Probe Mark 
Patented image acquisition techniques to reliably detect defects for all wafer sizes up to 300mm.  2D and 3D technology on the same system, using state of the art inspection technologies to weed out surface level defects at sub-micron level and performing it at high throughput and accuracy.  The patented CTS and optional CCS provide accurate height measurement at sub-micron level.  Able to pinpoint defects based upon the user's specific requirements on both whole and diced wafers.
n&k Technology's Thin Film Measurement for Patterned or Unpatterned Substrates
DUV-Vis-NIR (Wavelength Range: 190nm - 1000nm)
The n&k OptiPrime-TF, OptiPrime-TF-M and n&k LittleFoot-TF are DUV-Vis-NIR thin film only metrology systems, based on unpolarized Reflectance (R) measurements from 190nm to 1000nm with microspot technology. These tools measure thickness and n and k spectra from 190nm - 1000nm of thin films on patterned and unpatterned wafers.
Thin Film Measurement. Defect Inspection. 3D Optical Metrology. Acoustic Inspection. Substrate Inspection.
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Thin Film Measurement
Defect Inspection
3D Optical Metrology
Zeta Instruments' 3D Optical Profiler: MULTI MODE OPTICS TECHNOLOGY
Zeta Optical Profiler integrates five powerful optical metrology technologies in one fully configurable and easy-to-use system.
Images and analyzes different size features on samples of all types: smooth to rough, very low to very high reflectivity,           transparent to opaque, single layer to multilayer, sub-nm to mm. The versatility of the Zeta technology is simply unmatched by any other metrology tools.
Five measurement techniques integrated into one platform:
Non-contact 3D profiling and imaging
Measure surface roughness from to mils
Measure step height ranging from nm to mm
Critical Dimension (CD) Measurement
n&k Technology's Systems for Critical Dimension Measurements
Small (<100nm) pitch and large (>3m) pitch trenches and contact holes structures
Complex 2-D (trenches) and 3-D (contact holes) structures (Profile, Sidewall Oxide Thickness, Underlayer Thicknesses)
Etch Monitor for Power Devices at All Process Steps (Si Trench, Poly Recess, Contact Trench)
FinFET Structures (Gate Height, Gate CD, Fin Height, Fin Top CD, Fin Bottom CD, Oxide Thickness, Dielectric Top) Thickness (Dielectric Bottom Thickness, Dielectric Side Wall Thickness, Trench with Oxide Cutback)
Detection of trench and contact hole issues (Collapsed trenches, Under-etch, Over Etch)
Substrate Inspection
Zeta Instruments' ZetaScan Series
The latest technology in defect inspection for glass wafers, rough film on wafers, disk substrates/media. Designed for transparent, thin substrate, rough surfaces.
Acoustic Microscopy - CSAM®
Sonoscan CSAM Acoustic Microscopy for Internal Inspection and Analysis
Sonoscan has remained the most trusted authority on the application of Acoustic Microscopy, also known as Acoustic Micro Imaging (AMI) technology for nondestructive internal inspection and analysis. Sonoscan acoustic microscopes are recognized as the benchmark for accuracy.