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SELAs Microcleaving technology has proved itself the undisputed leader for dedicated, fast and artifact-free sample preparation. The MC600i is a fifth generation version of the award-winning Microcleaving series of sample preparation systems for SEM inspection and analysis.

The system achieves fully automatic, reliable and rapid cross-sectioning of wafer segments and dies. Dedicated software enables automatic mapping and navigating to targets, and features automatic off-loading for immediate inspection. These features, together with high throughput (9 min/sample) ensuring that sample preparation is never a bottleneck, high and consistent accuracy (less than 0.3 micron), and the excellent quality of cross-sections produced, significantly reduce the diagnostic cycle for failure analysis, characterization and process monitoring.
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MC600i - Microcleaver
Microcleaving System
The MC600i offers increased accuracy, enables cleaving of smaller wafer segments and dies, and allows cleaving as close as 0.5mm to a sample/wafer edge.
System Highlights:

    Fully Automatic and Programmable Process
    Fast Cleave Process within 3 Minutes
    Small Wafer Segment Capability
    Edge Cleaving - as near as 0.5mm to sample/wafer edge
    Cryo-Cooling Mechanism (LN2)
    High Magnification Optics (7500x)


    Turnaround Time Drastically Reduced
    Improves Yield Analysis
    Improves Characterization
    Improves and Enhances SEM and FIB Utilization
    High Productivity
    Low Cost of Ownership
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