The S-Cubed Engineering team is comprised of  accomplished engineers and entrepreneurs with a long history of designing and manufacturing innovative equipment for the semiconductor and allied industries.
Photoresist Processing System
- Spin Axis is always within one revolution in absolute
  terms of programmed velocity and trajectory
- +/-% temperature uniformity for thermal modules
- Demonstrated greater than 1000 hrs MTBF
- Two programmable dispensing arms
- Substrates up to 200mm
- Multiple substrates sizes without change
- Unlimited process storage capabilities
OAI Semi-Automated Frontside and Backside Mask Aligner
Camtek Gannet Automated Optical
Inspection System
Amicra AFC Fully-Automated Die Bonder
0.5um Accuracy
Photoresist Processing
Wafer Bonder
Force 300
Photoresist Coater
- Interchange operation 200 and 300mm wafers
- FOUP, FOSB or Cassettes
- Up to 4 photoresist dispensers standard
- To and bottom side EBR, plus bowl rinse
- Unique EBR dispense method to substatially shorten
  EBR process times for thickner photoresist films
- Unique Hot Plate module eliminates problems of oven
  contamination because of solvent/resist vapor condensate
- Hot plates no longer require regular cleaning of bake chamber
Flexi Basic
Low Cost Photoresist Spin Processing Systems
- 2 Thermal Modules
- 1 dispense per dispense arm, two dispense arms
- Adjustable dispense height
- All process actuations are pneumatic and adjustable
  (not programmable)
- +/-1% temperature uniformity for thermal modules
- Demonstrated greater than 1000 hrs MTBF
- High performance, Low cost
Manually Loaded System with Automated Process Steps
- Programmable Photoresist Dispensers
- Programmable, Oscillating Dispense Arms
- Spin Bowl Exhaust Level
- Hot Plate and Cold Plate
- PC Programmability and Recipe Storage
- Integrated Wafer Centering Device
- Programmable EBR Dispenser
- Built-in Bubble-free Dispense, up to 3 Fluids available
- Built-in vacuum source
Manually Loaded Table Top Spinner
- Precise Spin Speed and Acceleration Control
- Controlled by a Net Book with a Fully Integrated GUI
Flexi Photoresist Spin Processing System
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Ultra high reliability
Small footprint
Color LCD touchscreen
Unlimited process storage capabilities
Remote data collection and control
Stacked thermal modules
Multiple size substrates without change
Servo motion control
Process substrates up to 300 mm
Proven modular design
Lowest cost of ownership
Production worthy tools
S-Cubed System Features:
Allwin21 Corp.
Rapid Thermal Process
Front End Metrology/Inspection Back End Test & Measurement
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S-Cubed is a Leading Supplier of Photoresist Process and Cleaning Equipment.