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Post-Dice Inspection
Condor PD:
Automated Optical Inspection System
The CondorPD Series of automated wafer inspection system detects dicing-related defects as well as ­as flaws from preceding processes. Inspection is conducted while dies are still in wafer format - the last opportunity to add essential information to the wafer map. During dicing, die shift and rotate relative to their original location due to the stretching of the adhesive tape. The Condor’s multi-level software alignment precisely aligns each die with its reference image, ensuring reliable detection and eliminating false alarms.
The Condor PD capability is especially important for stretched and reconstructed wafers where die shift is more pronounced and even critical for very small die, such as LED. In addition to dicing-related damages, the Condor inspects defects from all previous processes, such as surface contamination and scratches, bond pad damage, size and placement deviations.
System Highlights:

·    Simultaneous Detection of Die Active Area and Street
·    Auto Defect Classification
·    Die Boundary Violation (Chip In/Out)
·    Oversize Die
·    Micro Cracks
·    Real Time Die Alignment for the Most Accurate Detection of Stretched and Reconstructed Wafers

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