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Photoresist Coater
OAI - Semi-Auto
Mask Aligner
Zeta Instruments 3D Optical Profiler
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Designed to support the semiconductor industry from R&D to the high production volume environment, the Eagle product family is the ideal choice for inspection and metrology addressing the most demanding market applications and the emerging advanced packaging segment.

With hundreds of systems installed worldwide, Camtel continues its long standing position as one of the leaders in the semiconductor AOI industry.
Precision Defect Inspection - 2D/3D
Front End Metrology/Inspection Back End Test & Measurement
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Eagle-i and Eagle-AP:
2D/3D Optical Inspection System
System Highlights:

    Combined 2D & 3D capabilities
    A new roboust platform that enables high TPT & accuracy
    High resolution optics
    Advanced Image Processing & algorithms
    Flexible software
    Multiple handling options for bare and framed wafers


    Advanced Packaging
    Bump & µBump
    2D / 3D
    TSV Reveal
    RDL CD and height