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Pentamaster realized that a flexible, complete one stop solution system is crucial in providing a competitive edge for the semiconductor industry. Therefore Pentamaster offers a variety of standard back-end semiconductor machines particularly in the area of equipment handling, tape & reel, marking and testing handlers with the strategic intention to reduce manufacturing down time, cost and error. Machines built by Pentamaster are user friendly and low cost to maintain as well as simple to engage in any conversion.
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High Speed Turret Handler for Test & Inspection of Thin Devices
PM35IP is a high speed auto test handler for test handling, vision inspection, laser marking, sorting & taping specially make for surface mount device (SMD) such as:
QFN/MLP, SOIC, SOT23, TSOT, SC70, SOT89, SOT223, MSOP Packages.

    Up to 35,000 UPH - Depending on Package Type
    Fast & Easy Conversion Less than 60 mins
    Static Singulation to Eliminate Device Quality Issue
    Individual Linear Press at each site
    Able to Handle Thin Packages Down to 0.35mm
    Dynamic Binning
    Stable Measurement
    Variety of Test Applications
High Speed Bowl to Tray Turret Handler
PM3190 is a high speed tray test and vision inspection handler with fast conversion and capable.

    Able to Process a Wide Spectrum of Packages
    Fast & Easy Conversion Less than 60 mins
    Pneumatic Unit Singulation
    Upgradeable to Dual Output
    Remote Access & Monitoring
    Compact Size
In-Line Power Module Test Handler
PM50 is a tube to tube test & vision inspection handler that handle power module product.

    High Voltage Test > 2000V
    High Current Test > 50A (Pulse)
    Single Station for AC and DC Test
    Automated In-Line Handling
    Vision Inspection for Mark, Lead and Package
Turret-Based Wafer Handler
The PM38 is a turret-based high speed and fully automatic intelligent vision and test die sorting handler. It is capable of up to quad site test for a wide variety of packages.

    Up to 20,000 UPH
    Flip Capability
    Flexible Configuration
    Dual or Quad Test Sites
    Input / Output Media
    Input with Wafer
    Output with Tape & Reel, Tube, Trays and Bins.
    With Auto-Replacer - Automatic Die Replacement for In-Pocket Vision.
    QFN, WLCSP, MEMS Microphone, & LEDs
    Vision Inspection Capabilities
    Bottom Package For Positioning, Package Location, Package size
    Top Package Vision Inspection For Package and Marking
    5 Sided Package Inspection
    In-Pocket Vision Inspection
    Post Seal Vision Inspection
Input / Output Media Transfer Handler
The PM51 is a transferring machine & vision inspection handler

    Any Combination of the Input & Output Media
    Input (Wafer, JEDEC Tray, Plastic Tube, De-Tape, Bowl Feeder)
    Output (Wafer, JEDEC Tray, Plastic Tube, Tape & Reel)
    Flexibility for the Direction Transfer
MEMS Test Handler
The PM52 is a bowl to bin test handler that capable of handling MEMS packages.

    Accelerometer Test
    Gyroscopes Test
    Gimbal & Flipper Type Test
    Soft Handling < 35g
    High Parallel Test (36 sites)
    Package Size: 1.6 x 1.6mm to 5 x 5mm
Post Seal, In-Tape Inspection
PM42 is an automated reel to reel inspection handler.

    Eliminate Manual Inspection Process
    100% Reel Inspection
    Auto Reporting for SPC and GR&R Data
    Fast and Easy Conversion < 15 minutes