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Advances in material complexity and shrinking feature dimensions have necessitated a scale of
analysis only afforded by TEM/STEM and SEM. Sample preparation for this demanding type of
analysis has become a bottleneck and existing solutions have fallen short of facilitating the
evolving requirements of high resolution and high contrast imaging and analysis with negligible
artifacts and improved productivity.

The EM3 offers a comprehensive and cost effective solution for TEM and STEM sample
preparation. The division of functions, pre-prep and final prep, between two standalone and
optimized tools enables parallel processing for the highest total productivity. It also results in a
low cost per sample and, more importantly, a low cost per successful sample given the
success rate of preparation resulting from enhanced quality.
TEM/STEM and SEM Sample Preparation System
A dedicated, automated, timesaving, and user-friendly system that enables total solutions for TEM/STEM
and SEM sample preparation for both cross section and plan view in a wide range of applications.
Featuring a cryo-cooled, dry sawing process, the EM3 system prepares specimens of either crystalline
or amorphous materials. The output sample is mounted onto a compatible stub or standard TEM grid
mount that allows rework.
System Highlights:

Flexible Cryo-Cooled, Dry Sawing Process
TEM side view, TEM plan view, SEM Sample Preparation
Target as near as 0.5mm to Sample Edge
Side view Multi-Target Process without Stub
300mm Stage allowing Full Wafer Inspection and Marking
Full Wafer Navigation Capability
High Magnification Optics (7500x)
Quick Process with Pattern Recognition Software (PRS)
Versatile Encapsulation Capability
Xact Dedicated Sample Preparation

Applicable for Site-Specific and General Area
Enables Multiple Reworks of TEM Specimen
Interfaces with Broad and Focused Ion Milling
Increases Overall Throughput
Improves Yield Analysis
Improves Characterization
Low Cost of Ownership
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