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OAI - TriSOLTM System
Solor Simulator & I-V Test System
PV Test Division
OAI (Optical Associate Inc.) offers a complete line of Class AAA Solar Simulators and related products for the photovoltaic and solar simulation markets. All products are designed and manufactured using OAI’s 35 years of expertise in generating, measuring and controlling light, and is now bringing that expertise in optical technology to the PV and Solar markets.

From the TriSOL Solar Simulator and I-V Tester to the TriSOL Outdoor Panel and Array Tester, OAI optical equipment is used around the world in both research and industrial settings. OAI has developed a unique “modular” approach to the design and manufacture of its products, including the TriSOL Solar Simulators and Multi-Junction I-V testers rated to 1 sun resulting in the best specifications and very competitive prices while increasing equipment reliability and repeatability.
XYZTEC Condor Sigma Multifunctional Bond Tester
System Highlights:

·    Beam Size from 52mm - 300mm
·    Spectral Range of 400nm - 1100mm **Upgradable to 350nm - 1800nm Range
·    Meets JIS, IEC, ASTM Standards
·    Longest Working Distance
·    Perfect for R&D and Production
·    Ideal for IV Testing & Light Soaking
·    3 year Class AAA Performance Warranty
·    Upgradable configuration for Dye Sensitized(DSSC), Organic (OPV), Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV), and Multi-Junction GaAs based Solar Cells
TriSOL Class AAA (1 Sun) System:
Advanced Uniform Beam Optics
Solar Simulators
OAI low cost Solar Simulators deliver highly collimated uniform light. These simulators, depending on configuration, output is rated at 350W -5,000W. OAI Class AAA Solar Simulators can be supplied with a range of air mass filters to reproduce solar simulation of the sun's spectra. OAI's proven lens and collimating mirror technology allows for a wide range of exposure areas.
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System Highlights:

·    Spectral Range 350nm-1800nm
·    Class AAA Spectral Match in 50nm Bandwidths
·    Continuous Wave & Single Long Pass (SLP)
·    Full Beam Coverage of Cells Measuring to 300mm
·    Long Working Distances
TriSOL 1800nm (Class AAA):
Solar Simulator & I-V Test System
The OAI TriSOL High Performance, 1800nm Solar Simulator is perfect for use with both multi-junction and standard solar cells.Lamp power ranges from 300W-5,000W and a variety of air mass filters are available to simulate the sun's spectra.
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I-V Tester Highlights:

·    Configurable Parameters
·    Scripting Capabilities
·    Self-Calibrating Design
·    Integrates to Databases
·    Thermal Controlled Test Fixture
TriSOL Large Area & Thin Flim:
Solar Simulator Systems
OAI offers custom large area solar simulators for solar panel testing, thin film (both CdTe and CIGS), and thin film light soaking.
Contact us to work with OAI Application Engineers to discuss your specific requirements.
Solar Simulator Systems
OAI offers custom solar simulators for Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) applicatoins. Specifications can be in the 500 to 1500 sun range.
Contact us to work with OAI Application Engineers to discuss your specific requirements.
Photovoltaic Products
TriSOL Solar I-V Tester
Stand-alone or Integrated System
OAI offers a complete line of I-V Testers. Every I-V Tester can be ordered as a stand-alone system or integrated into any of the TriSOL Solar Simulators. Three standard ranges of I-V Testers are available; 1A and below, 1 to 5A, and 5 to 10A. Higher current testers are available as custom options. An OAI Application Engineer will work with you to insure that the I-V Tester you choose is optimized for your application.
Parameters Tested:

·    Open-Circuit Voltage (Voc)
·    Short-Circuit Current (lsc)
·    Maximum Power Output of the Cell (Pmax)
·    Voltage at Pmax (Vmax), Current at Pmax (Imax)
·    Conversion Efficiency, Fill Factor (FF)
·    Series Resistance (Rs) and Shunt Resistance (Rsh)
TriSOL Test Fixure
Solar Test Products
Contact Us and an OAI Application Engineer to help with your fixture design to insure that you get maximum performance.
Solar Calibrated Reference Cell
Solar Test Products
To insure repeatable testing on any solar simulator, OAI offers 2cm x 2cm calibrated reference cells. Standard reference cell calibration cycles can be set up by OAI's calibration laboratory to insure that your reference cell maintains certification.
Test fixtures which integrate your solar cell to the I-V tester are available. OAI offers a complete line of I-V Test Fixtures from simple hold down devices to temperature controlled fixtures with front and back side contact.

·    Integrates with Calibrated Reference Cell
·    Display Temperature Readings in ºF or ºC
·    Measure and Display Continuous or Peak Readings
·    Connects to USB Port for Data Collection
·    Displays Reference Cell Characteristics, including cell type and size, window type, and device type
·    Sample at speeds up to 4000 Hz for Flash Lamp Measurement
·    Powered by standard wall current or convenient, rechargeable Lithium Ion battery pack
·    Stores and displays average of recent peak measurements (user settable)
·    Comes with 2 separate Thermal Measurement Connector types (k type thermocouples and rtd)
     - Designed for use with either type
OAI's TriSOL Solar Power Meter is an essential measurement tool for measuring the irradiance in "suns" of both Flash and Continuous Wave Solar Simulators. OAI's instruments have unique features not found in other Solar Meters. This versatile meter can display reference cell characteristics, including cell type, window type, cell size, and temperature measurement device type. The OAI Solar Power Meter can sample at speeds up to 4000 Hz for Flash Lamp measurement and can sample and display a continuous reading or peak reading. Power meter connects via USB port for data collection, and includes desktop software.
TriSOL Solar Power Meter
For Flash or Continuous Wave Solar Simulators
Probes for Solar Reference Cell
Download Solar Power Meter PDF
Download Solar Power Meter PDF for Flash
TriSOL Outdoor Panel and Solar Array Tester
For Flash or Continuous Wave Solar Simulators
The TriSOL Solar Array Test System provides fast and easy PV solar array output measurement on site. The system is an easy-to-use tool for measuring and characterizing solar array output at the installation site. Installers may now verify array efficiency and supply customers with data that confirms system output. This compact test system includes the test instrument, a pyranometer and temperature sensor. When using the tester with the pyranometer and two thermocouples the system will correct for deficiencies in sunlight providing comparison of array to array performance regardless of the sunlight. This setup provides results similar to expensive full indoor panel testing systems at very low costs.
The system is designed to measure I-V characteristics and power of the solar PV arrays in real time and under prevailing temperature and conditions. The small, lightweight system records test data, temperature, date and an identification number associated with each test - all by pressing a single button. Data ports easily to any PC via the USB interface and has a storage capacity of 400 reports. The OAI Solar Array Test System comes complete with an AC adapter or it may be operated using AA alkaline batteries for complete portability. The system is perfect for either monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon PV cell modules. Models are available for 1.2kW / 120V DC; 3.5kW / 500V DC; and 6.0kW / 600V DC.

· All Measurements can be executed with one push of a button
· Small, lightweight (W360mm D250mm H125mm 5Kg including all cables.)
· Record data with Identification Number to identify measurement place
· Record data with Temperatures, Pyranometer, date and time.
· Capable of 400 records storage
· Capable of 200 times automatic continuous measurement
· Self-diagnostic functions and records.
· AA Battery operation in 2 hours
· Capable to copy recorded data with PC via USB I/F
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