Description of Features:

     Advanced AccuSputter AW4450 Controller with GUI mounted in the main frame;
     Manual, Semi & Full Automatic one button operation;
     Customer programming of recipe for process parameters.
     GEM/SEC II functions (Optional)
     24V DC control components
     DC Gear Motors with encoder for table rotate and carriage moving;
     Advanced vacuum gauges and control system;
     MFC gas control system;
     Advanced RF automatically matching network;
     DC and RF power are mounted in the main frame;
     Fast Cycle Load Lock Operation ;
     High rate DeltaTM DC magnetron sputtering;
     High throughput operation: Automated load lock and controller sequences provide for
       efficient pump down and pallet transfer to process chamber
     High uniformity: 7% deposition uniformity guaranteed with water-cooled rotating annular
       substrate table; 5% achievable.
     Ultra-clean vacuum: Cryopump and Meissner-trapped process chamber ensures
       contamination-free conditions especially important for critical processes such as the
       deposition of aluminum and platinum;
     Easy maintenance: Removable deposition shields permit easy system cleaning. Automatic
       cryopump regeneration minimizes downtime and inconvenience;
     Specialized pallets for ease of substrate leading/unloading;
     "Drop in" target for quick target changes, no screw to both with;
     "Snap-out" deposition shields for quick, easy maintenance;
     Fail-safe system protection: Water flow switches on cathodes, chamber and vacuum
       system automatically shut the system down in case of cooling system failure
Sputter Deposition Process
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Allwin21 Corp. professionally provides quality, performance and stability backed by more than two decades of experience in vacuum technology and UHV design built into our sputtering system. These systems are designed for flexibility offering a wide range of operating and process modes. The highest quality construction and modern components assure reliable operation and an ultra clean vacuum environment to yield consistently reproducible results.
Sputtering Deposition Systems
The AccuSputter AW 4450-Series Production Sputtering Systems are manufactured in the configuration of a manually-loaded system capable of fully automatic operation. The AccuSputter AW 4450 sputtering head is equipped with three DeltaTM cathode or four round 8-inch positions.
Delta-Shaped Cathode
Typical Process Results:

     Material: Al-1%Si
     Power: 9 kw
     Table Rotation: 10 rpm
     Argon Pressure: 8 mTorr
     Film Thickness: 1.04 microns
     Deposition Time: 5.8 minutes
     Step Height: 1.10 microns
     Step Slope: 80
     Step Coverage: 62% hoizontal-to-vertical
     Specularity: 65-75%
     Resistivity: 2.85 O-cm
     Grain Size: 2 microns
AccuSputter AW 4450:
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