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Wafer Bonder
Camtek Eagle Automated Optical Inspection System
OAI Semi-Automated Frontside and Backside Mask Aligner
LED, PSS & PEC analysis
Auto Height, Diameter & Pitch for PSS
Analyze photo-resist or post-etch PSS bumps
Auto feature, roughness detection
Post-epi mesa analysis
2”, 4” & 6” wafer vacuum chucks

Solar cell and wafer analysis
Auto Finger Height, Width & Volume
Poly-Si and Mono-Si Surface Area & Texture
Silicon-NItride AR Film Thickness
Multi-site and auto finger detect
156mm solar wafer vacuum chuck

Micro-fluidics and MEMS analysis
Transparent multi-surface profiling
Deep trench/well & high aspect ratio features
Programmable cursors and cross-sections

EZ Metrology
Multi-site sequences imaging
Multi-FOV 3D image stitching
Auto Slope & waviness compensation
Auto Surface leveling
Auto Feature height, dimensions, angle, area
Auto Linear and areal roughness
Zeta-20 True Color 3D Optical Profiler
The Zeta-20TM is a fully-integrated optical profilometer that provides advanced 3D imaging and metrology features in a flexible, cost-effective package. Zeta's proprietary Z-DotTM technology enables rapid surface measurement of PSS, Solar Cells, Fluid Microchannels, and other surfaces that more costly systems cannot easily handle.
The Zeta-200TM advanced optical profilometer provides automated 3D imaging and metrology capabilities in a flexible, cost-effective package. Zeta Instruments’ proprietary focus map technology enables rapid, true-color imaging and surface measurement of surfaces for off-line product inspection. The Zeta 200 automatically gathers data on step height, feature volume, dimensions and roughness on multiple measurement sites to give you the data you need to monitor and optimize your manufacturing processes.
Zeta-200 Automated 3D Optical Profiler
Zeta-300 Precision Surface Metrology
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Zeta Optical Profiler Applications News:

MIT team discovers way of making perfectly ordered and repeatable surfaces with patterns of microscale wrinkles
Application-Specific Metrology
Wire Bonder
OAI TriSOL Solar Panel Test
Substrate Inspection
Front End Metrology/Inspection Back End Test & Measurement
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The ZetaScan-Series are fully automated 300mm capable defect inspection tool that can address a variety of substrates such as rough ground substrates, polished and unpolished, opaque and transparent wafers as well as touch panels. Based on Zeta’s revolutionary multi-mode approach to inspection, the ZetaScan-series defect inspectors provide high defect sensitivity at high throughput.
ZetaScan-Series Automated Substrate Defect Inspection
The Zeta-300 provides integral acoustic isolation to reduce the effects of sound and air currents on sample measurements.  When gathering data on structures that are less than 1µm high, even small vibrations caused by sound and air disturbances can affect your results.  Coupled with an optional isolation table, the Zeta-300 delivers accuracy and repeatability unmatched by other optical profilers.