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Position. Probe. Characterize. Reliability. Handle. Contact. Thermal.
CWI represents companies with leading Test & Measurement solutions for Universities, R&D Labs, and small or large companies.  Whether you are performing on-wafer, DC, RF, Optical, wafer on tape, die level, package level, thermal or reliability, CWI has the solution to meet your requirements.
Manual Probe Stations:
Manual systems that are open, easy to use and cost effective yet highly accurate.  These systems are designed for precision analysis of substrates up to 150, 200 and 300mm, as well as, PCBs.
Semi-Automated Probe Stations:
Probe Stations for Device Characterization for Modeling, Failure Analysis, Design Verification, IC Engineering, Wafer Level Reliability, MEMs, High Powerm RF and mmW testing.
Thermal Forcing Systems :
Temptronic's ThermoStreams are portable systems that deliver clean, dry air for precision temperature testing or conditioning of electronics and materials.
Thermal Platforms and Chambers:
Sigma Systems precisely controllable temperature platforms (hot/cold plates) and thermal chambers provide rapid and controlled temperature transitions, extended temperature ranges, and flexibilty for any requirements
RF Probes - 26 to 110 GHz:
MPI's TITAN RF Probes incorporate perfectly matched 50 Ohm MEMS contact tips.  The ensure unmatched calibration and measurement results over a wide frequency range with minimal insertion loss and crosstalk, as well as, high return loss
High Speed LXI Automated Impedance Tuners:
Maury Microwave High Speed LXI Tuners take an average of only 0.55 seconds to move the same 10 degrees at 2 GHz
Probe Cards for Modeling & Characterization, Wafer Level Reliability and Parametric Test:
Celadon Systems' Ultra High Performance Probe Cards and Probing Solutions are built with a Patented Crash-Resistant Ceramic Design ensuring unparalleled precision, low leakage, and sustained reliability
High Speed Turret Handlers for Testing, Inspection, Marking and Tape & Reel:
Pentamaster offers a variety of flexible back-end semiconductor package and part handlers for various applicaitons
Test Contactors/Sockets for QFN/DFN, QFP, SOIC, Leaded and BGA Packages:
Johnstech's Solid Contact Technology is the benchmark of the industry for over 25 Years. High electrical performace and mechanical reliability make Johnstech's solutions are ideal for production in any market
Mixed-Signal Active and Hybrid Load Pull System:
Maury Microwave together with Antevera created this novel mixed-signal load pull system deisgned to handle realistic wideband complex modulated signals with a high dynamic range and provide use defined reflections coefficients v. frequency at the DUT reference planes.