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inTEST Thermal Solution's MOBILETEMP™ Systems are portable Temperature Test Systems that are ideal for applications that require fast, precise temperatures at the test head or test bench. By combining a THERMOSTREAM® Temperature Forcing System with a THERMOCHAMBER™ environmental test chamber, inTEST Thermal Solutions has engineered a mobile system ideal for testing devices with smaller thermal masses. The MOBILETEMP™ systems are portable, allowing the test environment to be moved to the test subject rather than moving the test subject & setup to the test environment.
Key Features:

·   NO LN2 or LCO2 required

·   Rapid Transitions of up to 20°C/sec

·   1.0°C Accuracy

·   1.0°C Resolution

·   5 Year Compressor Warranty
Advanced Temperature Sources
The ATS-Series THERMOSTREAM® Systems are used in a variety of temperature testing and conditioning applications. From their traditional applications in semiconductor testing, failure analysis, and device characterization to their broader use in PCB and electronic sub-asembly testing, the ATS-Series has a system wth the temperature capabilities to meet your needs. The ATS THERMOSTREAM® Systems offer an innovative temperature testing solution that allows you to perform device, board, and module testing right where you need it - at your test bench, in your production facility, or in your lab. inTEST Thermal Solutions is the thermal expert with over 40 years of thermal engineering and test system development.
ATS-500 & -600 Series:
® Temperature Systems
NEW Benefits:

·   Ultimate Highs up to +300°C

·   Ultimate Lows down to -100°C

·   Extended Height to accommodate all testheads (Optional)

·   ECO Friendly Functions to save power during idle periods

·   Heated Defrost to quickly rid the system of moisture buildup
The ATS-500 & -600 Series family includes a number of systems with a broad range of temperature capabilities. From small, bench top -20°C units to larger -80°C systems, the ATS-500 & 600 Series can be used in lab or production environments for traditional semiconductor and small assembly temperature testing.
ATS-505 & -605 -20°C to +225°C
ATS-515 & -615* -45°C to +225°C
ATS-525 & -625* -60°C to +225°C
ATS-545 & -645 -80°C to +225°C
500 Series Systems are 50/60 Hz
600 Series Systems are 60 Hz only
*available with optional low noise air compressor and air dryer system
*ATS-635, Temperature Range:
-60°C to +225°C
ATS-505 & -605
ATS-515 & -615*
ATS-525 & -625*
ATS-545 & -645
ATS-700 & -800 Series:
® Temperature Systems
The ATS-700 & -800  family consists of several high capacity THERMOSTREAM® Systems all designed to quickly and precisely take your devices and modules to temperature. With ultimate temperature capabilities from -100°C to +300°C, not only is it possible to improve your throughput by accelerating your time to temperature, you can now test high power devices and larger thermal mass subjects at or beyond MIL-STD temperatures in a 24/7 environment. Whether used in the conventional “articulated arm” configuration or as a temperature source for an external chamber or enclosure, the ATS-700  Series is both powerful and versatile.
ATS-710 & -810 -80°C to +225°C
ATS-730 & -830 -90°C to +225°C
ATS-750 & -850 -90°C to +300°C
ATS-770 & -870 -100°C to +225°C
700 Series Systems are 50/60 Hz
800 Series Systems are 60 Hz only
ATS-710 & -810
ATS-730 & -830
ATS-750 & -850
ATS-770 & -870
ATS-500 & 700 Series Brochure
Systems Configured for 50/60 Hz
ATS-600 & 800 Series Brochure
Systems Configured for 60 Hz only
Choose Your MobilTemp™ ThermoChamber
By combining a ThermoStream® Temperature Forcing System with a MobilTemp™ ThermoChamber environmental test chamber, inTEST Thermal Solutions can engineer a portable temperature testing system that is ideal for the items you need to test. Size, Access, and Temperature Range are the factors you should consider when choosing a ThermoChamber. (Custom Enclosures are available)
MobilTemp™ ThermoChambers are available in 3 Main Styles:
Hood Style (Small & Large)
Clamshell Style
Frontload Style
Sigma Systems - Thermal Platforms and Chambers 
Sigma System Products
Sigma Systems has been the leader in industrial hot and cold temperature plates / platforms since we invented the product over 50 years ago.  We use the latest off the shelf technology combined with our proprietary technology and custom made valves to make small, precise, quiet, durable plates for labs and production facilities. And Sigma's quality is legendary, in continuously operating labs and production facilities where our plates have been for over 30 years, more than 80% of the plates are still in operation... now that's quality.

Sigma provides two types of hot/cold temperature plates, Cryogenic and mechanically cooled.  Cryogenic plates provide exceptional fast performance with a lower initial investment.  Mechanically platforms are ideal where fast ramp rates are not required and where extremely long soak times are needed or in environments where the discharge of coolants would not be acceptable, such as in clean rooms.
Thermal Platforms (Hot/Cold Plates)
Sigma's hot cold plates provide exceptional fast ramp rates that can be advantageous in labs
and production environments where time is important.  And in today's world where faster
tests and production can make the difference between success and failure, Sigma platforms
deliver speed.

Our Thermal Platforms are precisely controllable aluminum temperature plates on which
components can be placed for heating or cooling. Also known as “hot/cold plates”, thermal
platforms are the perfect choice for testing or conditioning low profile items with a flat,
thermally conductive surface.

•     -185°C to +250°C
•     Surface areas from 7 to 700 square inches (45.2 to 4516.2 square cm) 
        *larger on request
When compared to temperature chambers, thermal platforms offer several advantages:

•     Very Fast Temperature Transitions

•     High Heat Load Absorption Capacity

•     Very Small Footprint

•     Easily Handled for Portability

•     Excellent DUT Access

•     Minimal Lab Environment Impact

•     More Energy Efficient Operation
Thermal Platform (Hot/Cold Plates) by Size
Custom Thermal Test Chambers
Sigma Temperature Chambers are precisely temperature controllable convection ovens in which items can be placed for heating or cooling. Also known more generically as “environmental chambers”, temperature chambers are the perfect choice for testing or conditioning large or irregularly shaped items. Temperature chambers are also ideal any time a very homogeneous (low gradient) thermal environment is required.

Our custom thermal chambers are the perfect choice for testing or conditioning large or irregularly shaped items. Benchtop, floor standing, or rack mountable chambers are available with temperature ranges from -195C to +500C utilizing mechanical or cryogenic cooling technology. Sizes range from 0.4 to 27+ cubic foot interior volumes (11.3 to 764.5 liters).

·     Dry temperature range -100°C to +170°C

·     RH% range 5% to 95%

·     Supports direct potable water source connection

·     100 hours operation on optional internal water supply

·     5 micron, adsorptive, and absorptive water
       decontamination system

·     Available in chambers from 5.8 to 15.6 cubic feet

·     Custom Enclosures are available
inTEST Thermal Solutions Custom Thermal Chambers offer some unique advantages: (1) Extremely high air flow resulting in faster cycling, low gradients, & consistent test results. (2) The industry's smallest footprint for given interior workspace. (3) Capable of cooling and heating rates in excess of 100C per minute. (4) Able to meet commercial single zone shock and MIL-SPEC Testing.
ATS-535 & -635
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Direct Contact Temperature Forcing - ThermoSpot®
The Temptronic® ThermoSpot family of benchtop direct contact systems provide an efficient source for IC temperature characterization, including high-Watt emitting devices. Highly responsive and reliable, the unit feeds a thermal probe head through a flexible umbilical - without the use of thermoelectric modules. The thermal probe is designed with an interchangeable ThermoBridgeTM to mate directly to your IC or other device under test.

Using proprietary, robust refrigeration technology ThermoSpot® can perform thermal cycling without the worry of cooling degradation so common with thermoelectric modules employed in competitive systems. Furthermore, these systems provide the highest cooling capacity of direct contact systems on the market today.
Key Features:

·   High Reliability Thermal Cycling without Thermoelectric Modules

·   Temperature Range: -65°C to 175°C

·   Cooling Power:
    -  40W at -40°C for Lower Power Devices
    -  55W at -55°C and 120W at -40°C.

·   Transition Rate: 25°C to -40°C, less than 35sec

·   Easy Thermal Connection to in-circuit or test socked DUT
·   Touch-Screen Controller UI: Fully Programmable Temperatures
·   Easy Display Graphing and Data Logging

·   Communications options: Ethernet, USB, IEEE, RS232