Vision Sorting Handler
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Pentamaster realized that a flexible, complete one stop solution system is crucial in providing
a competitive edge for the semiconductor industry. Therefore Pentamaster offers a variety of
standard back-end semiconductor machines particularly in the area of equipment handling, tape
& reel, marking and testing handlers with the strategic intention to reduce manufacturing down
time, cost and error. Machines built by Pentamaster are user friendly and low cost to maintain
as well as simple to engage in any conversion.
PM3600 Series:
High Speed Vision Inspection Handler

    High Speed / High Output (Up to 50K UPH)
    Able to Process a Wide Spectrum of Packages
    Comprehensive Vision Inspection
     - Dimensional Measurement, Cosmetic & Marking
    Remote Access and Monitoring
    Small Footprint
    Low Noise Level
    Low Maintenance
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Vision Inpection Handler