Wafer Bonding

The AWB has the versatility to perform aligned: Adhesive, Anodic, Direct (High & Low Temp.) Eutectic, Glass frit, Solder & Thermo-compression bonding.

Wafer bonding has found many applications in the field of MST, MEMS and Micro engineering. Applications include the fabrication of pressure sensors, accelerometers, micro-pumps and other fluid handling devices. The process is also used for first-order packaging of silicon microstructures in order to isolate package-induced stresses. OAI offers a wafer bonder that is excellent for anodic bonding, silicon direct, and thermo compression bonding applications. This stand-alone wafer bonders can used with any photolithography processing tool.
S-Cubed Photoresist
Spin Processing Systems
Camtek Gannet
Automated Optical
Inspection System
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No wafer movement  between alignment & bonding - guaranteed alignment accuracy
Wafer sizes from 2 - 12
In-situ alignment up to 1 micron accuracy. Visible, IR & NIR optics
Forces up to 25kN and new "Brute" 100kN
Voltage up to 2.5kV
Independent control of upper & Lower wafer temperatures - (useful for getter activation)
Temperature up to 560 C
In-bond chamber alignment at bond temperature (reduces expansion misalignment effects))
Best system for vacuum encapsulation (Large gap between wafers during pump-down)
Simultaneous alignment, heating and vacuum pump-down (fastest cycle time)
Cycle times for heating, vacuum, bonding & cooling down to 15mins
10-6mbar Vacuum to 2bar process gas
Manual wafer loading or fully automatic cassette to cassette wafer loading (FAB12 Platform)
Market leading short bonding cycles / high throughput.
Best system for reducing / forming gas environment - e.g. for eutectic bonding (reproducible wafer surface environment).
In-situ Radical activation
No flags touching bond surfaces so no possibility of contamination, damage or flag removal issues
Unique in-situ high accuracy UV cure
Unique in-situ "Chemistry before bonding" capability
Wide range of processes possible - Including Nano-Imprint
AML - Aligned Wafer Bonding Platform
Allwin21 Corp.
Rapid Thermal Process
Front End Metrology/Inspection Back End Test & Measurement
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