Wafer Level Test
DC Probing. RF Probing. Reliability. High Power. Thermal. WLCSP.
150mm Manual Probe Station
TS150 is a cost effective, highly precise probe station for Device Characterization, DC/CV, RF/mmW, Design Validation, IC Engineering, MEMS, HF Modeling, High Power and Failure Analysis.
50mm Manual Probe Station
TS50 is a cost effective probe station for DC and RF measurements.  It is ideal for universities and R&D.
150mm Manual mmW Probe Station
TS150-THZ is a cost effective, highly precise and easy to use probe station designed for broadband RF, mm-wave and sub-mm wave (THz) frequency range applications.
200mm Manual Probe Station
TS200 is a cost effective, highly accurate probe station for Device Characterization and Modeling, Wafer Level Reliability, Failure Analysis, IC Engineering, MEMs and High Power applications.
300mm Manual Probe Station
TS300 is a cost efective, high precision probe station for Failure Analysis, Device Characterization and Modeling. The system can be used for DC, RF and  mmW probing.
200mm Manual Probe Station with ShieldEnvironment™
TS200-SE provides maximum EMI shielding for device characterization and modeling tests requiring highly accurate I-V, C-V, flicker noise (1/f) and S-parameter measurements.
150mm and 200mm High Power Manual Probe Stations
Engineered to achieve low contact resistance measurements of power semiconductors over a wide range of temperatures up to 10kV.
WLCSP Probe Card
Cost effective solution with RF capability, low and stable CRES, elastomeric forces and superior X/Y/Z coplanarity
On-Wafer Reliability and Parametric Probe Cards
Patented Core Technology of ceramic based probing solutions for wafer level reliability, modeling, characterization, and parametric test.
Backlash-free varying from small footprint to micrometer driven high resolution for RF and mmW applications.
TITAN™ RF Probes
Single-ended and Dual Tip configurations with pitches from 50µm to 1250µm and frequencies from 26GHz to 110GHz.
Front End Metrology/Inspection Back End Test & Measurement
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