Wafer Sorting
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Semiconductor Wafer Sorting systems for 50mm to
450mm wafers: can move, compress, randomize, find,
align, verify, and split lots. Hardware includes: high
through dual arm robot handler, motorized tilt back
towers with integrated flat / notch finder, multiple
cassette size recognition, safety proximity sensors and
other custom applications.
MicroSORT Semiconductor Wafer Sorter Systems
MicroSORT Semiconductor Wafer Sorter System Features:
50mm - 200mm systems
300mm and 450mm available
High Speed Dual Arm Robot
Multiple Wafer Size Platform Recognition
Optional Tilt Back Platform with Integrated Flat/Notch Finder for 5?, 6? & 8?
Up to 4 Cassette Platforms
Safety Proximity Sensors to ensure wafers are correctly seated in cassette
OCR or Bar Code Read
Host Communications - LAN / Network
Small Footprint  36D x 24W x H32c
Full Integration with Microtronic SiteVIEW Software Features:
Single screen operations eliminate screen clutter
Multi-level password protection
User customizable screens, buttons, functions
Recipes created on or offline
ASCII Scripting Language for macros and link recipes
OCR & Wafer Sorting Features:
Front or Backside scribe
Cognex OCR Technology
Inventory File Stores semiconductor wafer history by ID and Slot, lot log, in / out time and date
Complete Sorting Functions - Move, Compress, Randomize, Find, Align, Verify and Split Lot.
Minimal Pick & Placement of Wafers Reducing Handling Induced Defects
Multiple Semiconductor Wafer Size Recognition
3, 4, 5, 6 & 8 inch semiconductor wafer cassettes can be placed on one platform without recalibration or expensive retrofits
MicroSORT automatically senses and updates robot teach points and displays size dependent recipes
Vision Sorting Handler
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Vision Inpection Handler